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After you submit your order, you will receive an email to confirm the order and to let you know the estimated time it should be ready - easy & convenient for our customers. Please allow 2-3 days to hear back from us as online order volumes are constantly increasing.

Some of the items on this order form are available now - and some are for pre-order which will be indicated on the headings. We will let you know in the confirmation email which items are available right away and which ones may have a wait (ex. turkeys ready a few days before Thanksgiving!) and which ones are pre-ordered for several weeks away (ex. bulk beef packages).

Payment methods are by cash, cheque or online e-transfer. (credit card payment coming soon!)

NOTE: all of our meats are flash frozen immediately after packaging to seal in juices & quality.

We have lots of pickup, delivery & shipping options - be sure to visit our website at and click on the menu tab "P/U, Delivery, Shipping". **NEW**Shipping is available across Ontario (for a fee; see website for details).

The beef is organically raised grass fed beef locally raised humanely & sustainably. The beef animals eat fresh grass out on pasture from spring to beginning of snowfall and then dried grass through the colder winter months. Fed NO corn & NO soy. Our main farm has been certified organic for 30 years!
How many pounds of grass fed ground beef would you like to order (1 lb/pkg) Cost: $10/lb *available now / MINIMUM ORDER 5 lbs
How many pounds of stew beef would you like to order? (1 lb/pkg) Cost: $10.50/lb
How many packages of beef burger patties would you like to order? (4 burgers/pkg - each pkg weighs approx. 1 lb) Cost: $10/pkg *gluten-free & lean with only salt & pepper added
How many bags of beef fat (TALLOW) would you like to order? (4-5 lbs/bag) Cost: $4/lb *note this is large pieces of fat that will need to be rendered down
BULK BEEF FREEZER PACKAGES - order now to stock your freezer for winter! You still have time to customize your order if you submit it before early October.
Purchasing beef in a bulk freezer package is still significantly more affordable than paying retail prices on individual cuts (organic or even conventional!).

Please note that all prices listed for these bulk freezer packages are based on "hang weight" - there is some loss that happens due to trimming and aging. The weight of the beef you take home in your package will be less than the "hang weight" listed on your invoice.

The pricing includes the costs at the abattoir of cutting, wrapping and stamping with cut names on package. Cuts are well-wrapped in butcher paper except the ground beef is packaged into 1 lb bpa-free bags. (vac packaging is available for an additional fee)

All beef packages contain a mix of steaks, roasts, stew & ground beef. The quarter, side & whole packages can be customized but will all contain some ground beef. You may also choose the size of roasts, thickness of steaks, and how much stew beef (if any) you would like in your order.We can take requests for specific cuts and pass them onto the abattoir who does their best to accommodate, however cannot promise exact customization. The steaks in our standard packages are usually ribeye, tenderloin, striploin eye of round, sirloin, sirloin tip and occasionally t-bone & porterhouse steaks. Roasts usually include a variation of crosscut, short rib, rump, blade, sirloin tip, prime rib, ribs, tenderloin (if requested), and shoulder pot roast.

At time of ordering, please let us know if you have a budget in mind that you would rather not go above and we will do our best to accommodate. We are pleased to work with your individual budget, freezer space capacity & household size.

Bulk beef packages are usually available monthly (year-round) but pre-order to ensure you are on the list for the next available package.

NEXT DATE FOR BULK BEEF PACKAGES: Be sure to order your bulk freezer package by first week of October in order to customize your bulk freezer beef package. Get your order in for Fall when the animals have been grazing on organic pasture all summer long. Following our Fall order, it will be around Christmas or New Years before more bulk beef packages are available.

Which bulk beef package would you like to order?
PASTURED PORK by Linton Pasture Pork
We are excited to carry pastured pork raised by Jeff Linton of Linton Pasture Pork locally. The pork is 100% pasture reared & raised. Feed being used is 100% non-GMO & non-antibiotic/hormone-free. Linton's pork is growing in popularity across Ontario & individual cuts are being offered by several trendy butcher shops.
Which pork package would you like to order?
Our organically raised turkeys are raised on organic pasture and eat organic non-GMO hand-mixed feed with added flax & mineral supplement.
Our organically raised chickens eat organic non-GMO hand-mixed feed with added flax & mineral supplement. NO corn (which is a fattier grain). Our fully pastured chickens were processed in late July 2017. Order now as our chickens sell out fast! STOCK UP YOUR FREEZER FOR THE WINTER.
**NOTE: chicken items are flash frozen at processor in order to seal in juices & maintain high quality
How many 'whole' chickens would you like to order? Cost: $5.75/lb (5-8 lbs each avg.) **Minimum order 3 birds (you are welcome to split an order with friends/family)
How many breast/wing bone-in skin-on quarter pieces of chicken would you like to order? *1.5 lbs per piece approx. **minimum 4 quarter pc's Cost: $6.75/lb
How many pounds of 'ground' chicken would you like to order? Cost: $8.50/lb (approx 2 lbs/pkg) **Minimum order 2 lbs
How many pounds of 'gluten free PLAIN chicken sausage' would you like to order? Cost: $10.00/lb approx (1.5 lbs/pkg) **Minimum order 3 lbs (about 2 pkg's total)
How many packages of chicken gizzards would you like to order? Cost: $3/lb (approx 2 lbs/pkg)
These packages are a great way to try out some pastured organically raised meats direct from a local farm.
**NOTE: There is currently at 2-3 week wait minimum for most of these variety packages except for the Ground Beef Box. You may go ahead and order still to get on the list for the next available ones.

Packages may include pastured pork, organic grass fed beef, organically raised chicken. Each package is unique and subject to change based on current inventory. These packages are NOT customizable.

If you have limited freezer space and/or budget in mind - choose one of these packages for a good fit for your household.

Package may include:
2 lbs ground beef
1 lb steaks
1 lb stew beef
1 lb stirfry beef strips
3 lb beef roast
3 lb pork roast OR pork chops
1 lb bacon OR ground pork
1.5 lbs honey garlic pork sausage (gluten free)
1.5 lbs chicken 'plain' sausage (gluten free)
1 lb beef burgers (pure beef; no fillers - 4 patties/pkg)

Package may include:
4 lbs ground beef
2 lbs steaks
1 lb stew beef
1 lb stirfry beef strips
3 lbs beef roast
3 lb pork roast OR pork chops
1 lb bacon OR ground pork
1.5 lbs honey garlic pork sausage (gluten free)
1.5 lbs turkey garlic sausage (gluten free)
2 lbs beef burgers (pure beef; no fillers)

**Each package is unique and subject to change based on current inventory. These packages are NOT customizable.

Would you like to order a 15 lb variety meat box? Cost: $175
Would you like to order a 20 lb variety meat box? Cost: $225
Would you like to order a Ground Beef Box? Cost: $95 (includes 10 lbs ground beef in 1 lb pkg's)
Here's a great mix of meat cuts to throw on the bbq - stock up for summer. Only $125/box

Package may include:

*4 packages of beef burgers (4 burgers/pkg)
*1.5 lbs of turkey garlic gluten-free sausage
*2 lbs of steak (could include any of these cuts ex. sirloin, striploin, eye of round, tenderloin, sirloin tip, ribeye, round)
*1.5 lbs of chicken 'plain' gluten-free sausage
*1 lb of chicken burgers (gluten-free) 4 patties/pkg

Would you like to order a BBQ Variety Meat Box? Cost: $125 (approx 10 lbs of meat)
Great variety of chicken cuts for your freezer. $185/box - approximately 25 lbs of meat in box

Package will include:

*3 whole chickens (5-7 lbs each)
*2 quarter chicken breast/wing pieces (1.5 lbs/pc approx)
*1 package gluten-free chicken 'PLAIN' sausage (4 sausages/pkg)
*1 package of ground chicken (2 lbs/pkg)

Pastured chicken raised on certified organic farm pasture. Fed organic non-GMO feed, flax and non-synthetic mineral supplement from bottom of ocean floor. *FED NO corn.*

Would you like to order a Chicken Variety Box? Cost: $185 (approx 25 lbs of meat)
CUSTOM ORDERS / comments section
Are you looking for a meat item or other product that we sell but it is not offered on this online order form? Or perhaps you would like to create a custom package that best suits your budget, freezer size & household size. Let us know below what you are looking for and we will get back to you.
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