MBOB Regional Question Request Form 20-21
Middle School Battle of the Books questions will be sent only to a Regional Coordinator for the regional competition, unless the Regional Coordinator is an active Battle of the Books coach. In this case, he/she will designate another non-coaching contact person within the region to receive the questions for competition. The Regional Level Coordinator must complete the request form March 5, 2021. Questions will be sent electronically in PDF format. Please be reminded that all questions must be destroyed upon completion of each district level competition. If holding a virtual regional competition, please do not record or share to protect the integrity of the questions.
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1. Region Number *
2. Regional Coordinator's Name *
3. Email address of Regional Coordinator *
4. Phone Number *
5. Fax Number
6. Date of regional competition *
7. Location of Competition *
8. School System hosting competition *
9. Who will be receiving the questions?
If the region level coordinator is a coach, someone else must be designated to handle the questions.
10. Email address of person receiving the questions
11. Number of rounds needed *
Remember to include additional rounds for tiebreakers.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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