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ThinkOcean is an initiative based upon the concept of a society run by youth. Leaders were all once youth, current young people will grow up to become the world’s leaders, and future generations will take our spot. ThinkOcean is driven to engage today’s young people, prepare them to address the world’s pressing environmental issues, and get them involved. Now more than ever, we need the enthusiasm, passion, and excitement that are only seen in the young population to be focused towards what truly matters – saving our world’s oceanic and land-based environments.

Do you want to start a region in your community or join our team of passionate ocean leaders? Fill out the application below!

Position descriptions:

National Coordinator:
- Organize expansion into new regions of your country
- Head the National Advisory Council and National Cabinet
- Plan and execute national initiatives and promote collaboration between regions
- Act as a mentor to Regional Coordinators and facilitate communication with other countries' ThinkOcean networks
- Serve as the face of ThinkOcean within your respective nation

Regional Coordinator:
- Organize expansion of region to new college and high school campuses
- Head the Regional Advisory Council and Regional Cabinet
- Plan and execute regional initiatives or national initiatives
- Act as a mentor to chapters in your region
- Serve as the face of ThinkOcean within your respective region
- Work with National Coordinator to promote national and international collaboration
- Participate on ThinkOcean National Calls

Deputy Creative Director:
- Help collate art, infographics, and imagery to expand the ThinkOcean message
- Aid in the creation of content for the ThinkOcean website and publicity material

Social Media Director:
- Help run the social media for either your Region or your National network

Communications Coordinator:
- Write a monthly newletter to thousands of members to the ThinkOcean network
- Serve as correspondent to media sources to expand ThinkOcean's message

Professional Adviser:
- Provide professional input on your area of expertise
- Help advise different projects relating to your skillset

Requirements (for all)
- Currently enrolled at a university or a high school
- Passion for environmentalism
- Good time-management skills

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