PC CARES Survey for the 2021-2022 School Year
Pendleton County Schools is gathering information regarding student interest in participating in a virtual educational program for the 2021-2022 school year. Below you will find an overview of what this program may look like. Once we have an idea of how many students may be interested, we will make some final decisions about this virtual option.
**Please note that marking your interest in the program does not guarantee your child’s acceptance into the virtual program the district may decide to offer or commit your child to this option.
***Surveys are due by 11:00 pm on May 12th.

Who is eligible: Students in grades 6-12 would have the opportunity to complete an application to the PC CARES program. All applications will be reviewed and a determination will be made based on established criteria.

Educational Program: PC CARES students would take courses through Edgenuity and/or district approved platforms. Scheduling/course selection would be based on availability of courses.

Student Fees: PC CARES students would be charged the same school fees their school charges “in-person” students.

Facilitator: A Pendleton County Schools staff member would monitor student progress; however, this person would only be accessible to the student through scheduled meeting times.

Athletics/Extra-Curricular Activities: PC CARES students would be eligible to participate in sports and extra-curricular activities as long as they meet the athletic/club eligibility criteria.

Devices/Internet: Students would have access to a school device and would be expected to follow the district policy on use of the device. Students participating in this virtual learning program MUST have access to reliable internet. The district would not be providing internet access.

Time of Instruction: PC CARES students would not be required to be online during a specific time of the day unless meeting with a staff member.

Assessments: Students would be required to participate in any state assessments which could require the student to come to school at an assigned time to take the assessment. Local assessments may be taken remotely when possible.

Vocational School: Vocational School students will be required to attend vocational school classes in-person. Students must be able to provide their own transportation to and from the high school. A bus will transport students to vocational and back to the high school.

Dual Credit Courses: PC CARES students may participate in dual credit courses IF the courses are offered online.

**In the event that a PC CARES student would need to come to their school, they will be responsible for their own transportation.

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