DO BOX Community Hours
Are you interested in booking DO BOX for your community event or non-profit group? We only charge $1 per hour if you are doing good in our community! Please provide the following information and we will respond within two business days. The hours are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis each month and we may cap the number of monthly hours a single group can use if we need to. If there are hours available, you will be issued a voucher code for your booking. If you have any questions please contact us on
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Please note that your booking will include 15 minutes of setup time and 15 minutes of pack down time as well.
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If you haven't visited the calendar yet (, please check to make sure the time you want is available. The time will not be held for you but we will aim to respond in a timely manner so you can book.
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How does using DO BOX open up opportunities for your group/organisation? *
Does having access to this space allow you to offer more services? Do you have other options when seeking space for these purposes? Does the low-cost replace another higher-cost option? Is there any other way that low-cost hours at DO BOX further your organisation's work?
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