ES Youth Survey
We really aim to be supporting the ministry that is being done at home, and would love your input on youth activities and how well you think your students is engaging and also feedback on areas we can better serve you. This will likely take about 5-10 minutes to complete, but we will offer $15 off camp for all who complete it! It is completely anonymous unless you decide to leave your email for follow up, so please let us know your complete and honest thoughts!
Check the grade(s) you have student(s) in: *
For the upcoming semester this spring, what time(s) would work the best for your student to do youth activities? *
What is the most effective method of communication for you? *
How can we best support and assist your family? *
Which statement best describes your influence on your child's spiritual decisions, including their involvement in church and youth group? *
In your own words, what would you say the main goal of Youth Ministry is? *
Which statement best characterizes your child? *
What would you say are some of the primary areas you see your child struggling in? *
Anything you feel we should start doing? Anything we should stop doing? Anything we should continue?
What would be the main reason(s) keeping your kids from participating in our youth ministry? *
To your knowledge, what does your child most enjoy about youth activities? *
How have you seen God working recently in your child's life?
We encourage you to be thoughtful in how to reach families in your schools and neighborhoods! What can we do to assist you in getting these families connected?
Instead of submitting anonymously, would you like to leave your email and a brief thought for us to follow up with you?
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