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If your business is not one of the above, choose one of the following. This is how we calculate your chamber membership dues. Example: 2 part time employees may = 1 full time employee. Special offers and pro-rated dues if applicable will be reflected on your membership invoice.
Do you have an add-on business?
An add-on business is one that operates under a separate name from the parent business. If yes, please add name of business & a person of contact. $50 per add-on business.
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Will your business accept AACC Gift Certificates?
The consumer purchases or is given chamber gift certificates and spends them in a member business. The member gives them to the AACC office for redemption. We reimburse members at 95% of the face value. The AACC uses the 5% to cover the administrative costs of the program. The 5% your business absorbs is tax deductible to you.
Membership Plus Sponsorship
In addition to membership dues, these members invest in advancing the chamber mission and are recognized in all chamber activities. Membership Plus Sponsors receive 2 Complimentary tickets to the Annual Banquet.
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