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We are no longer receiving abstracts, but we are still receiving online AUDIENCES in zoom. You may go directly to for the zoom conference of the 15-16th Nov 2022 from 8 am-5 pm. More information about the conference can be seen in our website

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1st SIC 2nd CALL flyer for participants to download and share with others
1. Full NAME for e-certificate (including academic title, if any). 
NOTE: If there is more than one presenter for one presentation/ article, please add the names with a semi-colon. Add in brackets beside the name of the main correspondent.
Example: (1) Dr. Arya Perwita, S.Pd., M.Hum.; (2) Susi Sari Atmajaya, M.A. (Correspondent); (3) Haryo Tumewu, S.Sos.
2. PHONE number (preferably WhatsApp mobile number with country code)
For example:
(1) +6287837777222
(2) +161587456
3. Name & ADDRESS of institution/ company/ OFFICE
(1) Psychology Department, Palipang University, Jl. Amerta 21, Bandung, Indonesia.
(2) Social Humanities School, Graduate Program, Wonderland University, 21 Thompson St., New Jersey, USA.
4. HOME address *
5. Participating as *
6. Presentation TITLE (max. 15 words) with reference to the choice of one of the conference's focuses: (1) Balanced environment (2) Communities & well-being (3) Circular economy (4) Technology
7. ABSTRACT (150-300 words) & Key words (3-5 words)
8. Short BIODATA with email, in 3rd person to be read by the moderator ( maximum 150 words)
Example: XXX, xxx@email, has been a full-time lecturer at XX University of (city), (country) since 1998. In addition to her teaching duties, she has been Chief Editor of her campus academic journal, (name) since 2001. She created a XX course so that her students can learn how to combine drama, writing, and graphic skills for fun. Her Faculty of XXX drama group called CamouFLAge was founded in 2013, which allows her to indulge in her hobby of directing students to produce staged drama and musicals. It has made her students enthusiastically follow her directions. Having some talent in creative writing, she runs a course entitled XXX. Not only are her students trained to use their imagination and their senses of seeing, hearing, and feeling to write on special themes such as the concern for Poverty Alleviation to write innovatively, creatively, and beautifully with emotions.
9. Publication (see publication links in request for
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10. Journal/ Proceeding suggestion, preferably with the website link and area of discipline
11. Please download and use the attached virtual background during the zoom presentation/ attendance
12. Attending
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13. Hotel request for offline audience/ presenter
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14. Meal request for offline audience/ presenter
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15. Half-day Tour (17 November 2022 ONLY) for offline audience/ presenter to a mountain area in CentralJava:  Gedong Songo, Cilosia, & Eling Bening US $50/ per person (06.00 am - 02.00 pm)
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QUESTIONS can be forwarded to:; +6287839727612 (Ms. Ekawati); +6289644126857 (Mr. Louis); +6285728958620 (Ms. Nia)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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