2018 Swimming Questionnaire:
Please let us know which of the following best describes your swimming skills. PLEASE READ EACH DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY BEFORE CHOOSING. This will help us divide our groups and best meet your needs as a triathlon swimmer.
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GROUP A: I am a VERY strong swimmer and want hard workouts to work on my SPEED. My swimming technique is good. I consider myself a competent swimmer. I have MANY years of swim experience in the pool and/or open water.
GROUP B: I am a FAIRLY strong swimmer and need a mix of medium and hard workouts and technique. I swim and breathe with my head in the water. I'm not afraid of the water. I have had several years of swim experience. I want to improve to the "A" Group.
GROUP C: I am pretty new to swimming and sometimes feel tentative around the water. I can swim two lengths of the pool but I need someone to help me work on my technique and endurance. I'm not very confident in the water. I'm not ready for GROUP B at this time.
If GROUP "C" describes your swimming skills the best, please answer the following questions:
GROUP D: I am NOT able to swim two lengths of the pool. I DO NOT know how to swim. I understand that I need to take private lessons BEFORE I begin the triathlon team swim training. I understand that RFWTT does NOT teach "how to swim" but teaches "how to swim better." Lessons are available at the Hot Springs Pool and Community Center in March and April.
Use this space to leave us comments about your swimming skills if desired:
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