Mannered Mutts Rescue Adoption Application
By filling out this application, the applicant affirms that all the information forward is correct and that the applicant/co-applicant are the ones applying for the dog and not applying for anyone else. Should any of the information submitted on this application determined to be false, Mannered Mutts Rescue retains the right to cancel all adoption proceedings and/or to order the immediate surrender of any dog adopted based on the information provided herein. Applicant affirms his/her understanding it will be his/her responsibility to surrender the dog at a location designated by Mannered Mutts Rescue.

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Mannered Mutts Rescue primarily serves the Southern Indiana area. If outside this range please understand that we may or may not be able to approve you due to distance. It depends on the dog. Thank you for applying.
First and Last Name *
Age *
Street Address *
City/State/Zip Code *
Email Address *
Phone number *
Preferred communication channel(s) *
Occupation & work hours: *
Please describe your lifestyle (hobbies and interests outside of work) *
What kind of dog are you interested in adopting? (Breed/breed mixes, size, temperament, age, activity level, etc.) *
If you have a specific dog that you would like to adopt please list their name here.
What specific characteristics are you seeking from your new companion? *
Please provide reason for wanting a new pet *
Have you applied to another shelter or rescue in the last 90 days? If yes, please specify why you did not adopt from them. If no, please just state no. *
What behaviors or traits, if any, would you consider unacceptable? If none, please state none. *
What circumstances would lead you to return the pet back to Mannered Mutts Rescue? *
Who is the pet for? *
How many hours a day will the animal be left alone (based on your schedule pre-COVID)? *
When left alone, where will the dog be? *
Where will the dog sleep at night? *
Where will the dog be kept when you are home? *
Have you previously owned any dogs, cats, or other animals within the last five years? *
If yes, list pet(s) name(s) and why they are no longer in your possession
Are there any dogs, cats, or other animals residing in your household? *
If yes, how many and what is/are their name(s)?
Have all dogs and cats (previous and current) been kept up-to-date on core vaccinations, preventatives, and annual exams? * *
If not, specify which pets and explain why not
I understand that Mannered Mutts Rescue will contact my vet for proof of vaccinations and preventatives. *
Are your animals altered (spayed/neutered)? *
If no, please explain
I understand that I will need to provide medical records for all pets residing in the household regardless of whether they are owned by myself, another family member, or a roommate. *
Are there any behavioral issues that your current dogs have that we should be aware of? If none, please state none. *
Do any of your animals live outdoors? *
If yes, please explain:
Do you have children? *
If yes, how many and what are their ages?
Who all resides in the house? (Adult included, please provide names & ages of all members) *
Who will be responsible for the dog's care? *
How much time are you willing to give the dog to acclimate to his/her new family and home? (This includes other pets) *
Do you *
If you rent, have you spoken to your landlord about adopting an animal? Please provide landlord contact information. *
If you rent, are there any breed restrictions/weight limits?
Does your home have a fenced in yard? If yes, what is the height of the fence? (Please note that not having a fence will not negatively impact your application)
Please list all previous and current vets/clinics that have seen your previous/current pets in the last five years: *
Primary Veterinarian Name: *
Vet/Clinic Phone Number: *
Do you understand that this dog will require proper grooming, annual vet visits, dental care, daily exercise, training and mental stimulation? Are you willing to provide this care for the lifetime of this dog? *
Are you willing to obtain a crate and crate-train your new dog? *
Training my new pet is important to me. *
Do you have any training experience? Please explain if yes.
Are you willing to take the dog to basic obedience class if necessary? *
Are you able to give the dog the mental and physical stimulation it will need? *
Please describe your exercise plan for the dog *
I understand that a home visit by a Mannered Mutts representative is required as a condition of this adoption approval. *
I will seek appropriate veterinary care and/or treatment for this dog if he/she should become sick or injured. *
I will provide proper and sufficient food and water for my new pet at all times *
I understand that I am adopting an indoor dog and will make him/her an indoor member of my family. *
I will keep my pet parasite and flea-free and will use a veterinarian-recommended product *
I will keep my pet on a heartworm preventative recommended by my veterinarian *
No one in my home, including myself, had or now has a pet-related allergy *
Have you ever lost a pet, surrendered a pet to a shelter/rescue, given a pet away or placed a pet in another home? If so, please explain. *
Where did you hear about Mannered Mutts rescue? *
If I can no longer keep or care for my pet at any time during his/her life, I agree to contact an agent from Mannered Mutts Rescue. If I return this animal for any reason, I will at no time assert any claim, charge or demand of any kind or nature against Mannered Mutts Rescue for any charges that may have been incurred by me, including veterinarian fees, in connection with this animal. *
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