ACHETS Missionary University is a private, nonprofit online Christian missionary university training at multiple educational levels to equip the people of God for Christ's mission, in partnership with Biblical University. AMU is a ministry of ACHETS, accredited by Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools, and certified by ACACEMC.
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Getting Your Honorary Doctorate Degree
Q: Once I’ve successfully completed all of my Honorary Doctorate Degree requirements, how do I get my Honorary Doctorate Degree?

A: Once you have fulfilled all of the requirements for your Honorary Doctorate Degree, you will have to apply to graduate. Your degree will be presented to you at a formal convocation ceremony. Students who will not be present at the ceremony should write to inform the University to receive an exemption from the ceremony. Graduates who defer, or graduates in absentia, and have fulfilled all righteousness, will be sent their documentation at the end of the relevant graduation period to the postal address recorded in the student system or contact the University Office to receive their awards. Delivery service fee is required.
Who deserves this Honorary Doctorate Degree
ACHETS Missionary University offers Honorary Doctorate Degree to people who have distinguished themselves in their ministries and communities. The Honorary Doctorate Degree is not earned, but deserved. It is given to well deserving who have contributed to the building of Churches, Ministries, Communities, the Nation and the cause of Christ in World Evangelism. Recipients of honorary degrees do not have to meet any of the typical requirements for a doctorate, such as passing examinations or completing a thesis. Rather, it is conferred on a person in recognition of his/her contribution and involvement in building of Churches, Ministries, Communities, the Nation and the cause of Christ in World Evangelism.
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Applicant for Honorary Doctorate Degree must submit the following: (I) Application fee (II) Enrollment fee (III) Detailed autobiography, Christian testimony, and ministry or work experience (IV) Copies of all educational certificates, diplomas, degrees and any special recognition certificates (V) Copies of current license/ordination certificates; if any (VI) A letter of recommendation from an established Pastor, Missionary, or a Christian Leader to
Pay Application and Enrollment Fees. PLEASE USE THE PAYMENT METHOD below.
* Application: 15,000NGN International Student 80USD - ONCE
* Enrollment: 404,000NGN International Student 1980USD - ONCE

Other: Later Payment
Graduation: 52,000NGN International Student 240USD

All candidates must submit Essay and Letter of Recommendation to obtain an honorary degree

ACHETS Missionary University reserves the right to change and implement new fees without prior notice. Fees and other charges are non-refundable.

Payment Method

Bank or Mobile Transfer
Bank: FCMB
Name: Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools
Branch: Ikorodu
No: 7343736013
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