Arrowsmith Chapter Membership Application Form

Federation of Canadian Artists - Arrowsmith Chapter Membership Application Form
*Pre-requisite: Membership in Federation of Canadian Artists, main organization, Vancouver. Prospective members are responsible for obtaining this membership and mailing payment for fee, directly to the Vancouver office, more information at

Membership in the Arrowsmith Chapter is $ 20.00 per year, due by the beginning of each year. Please pay at one of our FCA meetings or mail a cheque payable to FCA Arrowsmith Chapter, to the Membership Chair.

You can also pay your membership online through our website.
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Volunteer Opportunities - The success of our Chapter depends on our Membership Volunteers. Please consider one or moreof the following committees. Mark all that you are interested in.
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Privacy Statement: We will use your personal information (name, address, phone number, email address) only to communicate with you. Your name and membership status will appear on the website so that members of the public may confirm your membership. Finally, we will not share your information with any other organization except our parent organization, The Federation of Canadian Artists, for purposes of confirming membership.
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