About the Featured Pro Photographer Program
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What is the Featured Pro Program?
Artsy Couture Featured Pro Photographers is a community of professional photographers who work exclusively with Artsy by providing client galleries for use on products and other Artsy materials. Additionally, each photographer is given exclusive access to new products, samples, Artsy Partnerships and more!
Who can apply?
All are welcome to apply to the Artsy Couture Featured Pro Program. However, please note that in order to be considered you must have at least 2 galleries of professional imagery you're willing to share with Artsy. From tenured pro to aspiring artist, all are welcome and wanted!
What's in it for me?
All Featured Pro Photographers are provided the following upon enrollment:
- $100 in Artsy lab credit
- Access to design software (Partners include Fundy & Swift Galleries)
- Promotion of your photography on Artsy Products
- Opportunities to collaborate with Artsy on Blogs, Partnerships & More
- Featured Pro logos for your own marketing use
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