Paj Ntaub Zoom Party (for HMoob Womxn)
Nyob zoo sawv daws! After launching our Paj Ntaub Zoom Party for the young HMoob girls back in June, there were many young adults who expressed interest in joining. You asked, we listened! We are excited to be hosting weekly virtual parties to bring together Hmoob womxn nationwide to learn paj ntaub tawm laug (cross stitch needlework). Join us Wednesday nights from 5pm-7pm CST. First session begins Wednesday September 2nd.

WHO: Open to all HMoob young adults

WHAT: A virtual space to connect through learning paj ntaub tawm laug (cross stitch needlework).

WHERE: Zoom (we will send you a link)

WHEN: Every Wednesday from 5pm - 7pm (Starts Wednesday September 2nd!)

COST: Free!! *We can mail materials to you for FREE!*

If you have any questions or would like some help filling this google form out, reach out to us!

Nkauj Ci Vaj (Gao Chee Vang)
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Our first project is the hlab nyiaj (money belt) I hope yall are excited!!! :D
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