2018 Permissions
Complete these prompts to grant permissions for summer camp 2018 and to acknowledge our policies and expectations.

A separate digital submission is needed for each child.

Thank you!
Email address *
My child's full name is: *
I understand that the permissions included here pertain to the 2018 Bright Ideas Learning Community, LLC summer programs. The date range is June 11th to September 7th. *
Bug Repellent: I give permission for my child to have bug repellent applied to them. Deep Woods OFF 25% deet or similar brand will be provided by Bright Ideas for this purpose. Generally it will only be applied when visiting a wooded area or other location when the staff evaluates that the risk for insect bites necessitates use. It may also be needed when on the Bright Ideas property. *
Sunscreen: I give permission for my child to have sunscreen applied to them. Equate (broad spectrum, water resistant, SPF 30) or similar brand will be provided by Bright Ideas for this purpose. Generally it will be applied late morning and early afternoon. Additional applications will be determined by the staff for the safety of children. (Recommendations by The American Academy of Pediatrics, Consumer Reports, and The American Cancer Society guided Bright Ideas in this sunscreen choice.) *
My child may self-apply sunscreen. *
I authorize Bright Ideas Learning Community, LLC. to take my child on field trips or other activities during the summer program. They may travel by contracted or center provided bus. I understand that I will be notified of specific destinations, times, and fees via email and a posting in the center’s welcome hall prior to the trip. I further understand that my child is expected to act in a respectful manner at the center, on the bus, and in the community. If my child does not act respectfully I understand they may lose privileges. *
I understand it is my responsibility to:
Please check each 'yes' box below to acknowledge you are agreeable and aware of these policies and expectations. Thank you!
Walk my child in each day & make contact with a staff member. *
Send my child with sunscreen already applied each morning. *
Make sure my child is prepared daily with the items listed on the supply list as found on the website. *
Make sure my child has arrived at the center prior to the scheduled departure time for field trips. Should my family have any scheduling conflicts, it is my responsibility to communicate this to staff ahead of time and figure out how to have my child join their assigned group. I also must check email several times a week and view the parent communication board daily for any updates or changes. *
Late pick ups, early drop offs, or failure to notify of an absence or late arrival will result in a fee. *
My tuition payment is due prior to June 1st (or prior to the 1st of each month if I have chosen the monthly payment option). Fees will be incurred for any untimely payments. *
Ask my child what they enjoyed each day, embrace the challenges and joys of parenthood, & give my child a hug and smile each day! *
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