A Journey of True Midwifery
Birth is a Holistic experience and rite of passage...

As women, mothers and carers for the lives to come and the pregnant women we serve, it is important in this time on earth that we honour ourselves and each other in these journeys and share our skills of the ancient art of midwifery to offer the chance for birth to flourish once more in a respectful way.

In the spirit of holding one an other on the path, Ruth, Samara and Alex would humbly like to share with you a carefully crafted retreat which aims at empowering us with the essence of True Midwifery and care and love for self and others as we travel precious moments in our own existence and the ones of the women, babies and families we care for.

For 7 days you are invited in the South of Portugal to come learn, share and take time for yourself as birth keepers to reflect on your journey and our roles to keep on reviving the sacred haven of birth.

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