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Understanding a Herdshare - what it is and what you will sign up for...
(we know it's a lot to read ... but please don't skip!)

In Kentucky, it is illegal to buy or sell raw milk. It is not illegal, however, to drink milk from your own cow. This program allows individuals to buy a share of the herd, pay a fee to the farmer to provide feed and labor in caring for the herd, and in return, the individual gets to drink the creamy, sweet and smooth milk provided from their share of the herd.

  1. You are not buying raw milk. Similar to purchasing a stock in the stock market making you a part owner of that company, you are becoming a part owner of a herd of dairy cows. To become a part of the herdshare, you will need to pay a one-time "buy-in" fee. Once you are a share owner (aka "member"), you will be paying board fees monthly to maintain, feed, and milk your share of the herd.  This is the monthly fee that you pay, and in exchange are provided with clean, beautiful, and nutritious raw milk. 

  2. You will be responsible for paying boarding fees year-round. That means that if animals are making less milk or are dry, you will still continue to pay boarding fees while receiving less or no milk. When tragedy strikes and animals get sick or die, members also take that risk, understanding that there is no refund to the buy-in fee just because the animals pass away. You do not own a share of or to a specific animal; rather, you are a share owner of the entire dairy herd. 

  3. You will be committing to the pick up date and time for your milk. If you cannot pick up your milk,  fail to make prior arrangements for an alternate pick up date and time, or simply do not want milk that week, you still bear the responsibility of your boarding fees.

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