EwA Vernal Pool Characterization
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This Earthwise Aware science program focuses on the vernal pools of the Middlesex Fells Reservation that are not yet ‘certified’ according to the standards of the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP). The primary goal is to document and certify those potential pools, with our first effort focused on pools located in the Lawrence Woods portion of the Fells and South of Long Pond.

Documentation serves 2 objectives: (1) Gain scientific knowledge about the condition of those pools and the surrounding ecological communities in a landscape that is rapidly changing due to Climate emergency; (2) Obtain evidence for the formal recognition of those pools as certified vernal pools so that they may gain increased protection under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act regulations.

🗺️ Interactive map of the pools that EwA is currently monitoring » https://tinyurl.com/ewa-vp-sitemap

⚡ Please study the EwA VP Protocol prior to any survey - follow proper etiquette as explained in that protocol » https://tinyurl.com/ewa-vp-field-protocol

ⓘ 2019 EwA VP Report » https://tinyurl.com/ewa-2019-vernal-pool-report
ⓘ About Earthwise Aware » https://www.earthwiseaware.org/

Thanks! - EwA Science Team
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