U.A. Local 290: 2017 Comprehensive Membership Survey
In the January/February 2017 edition of the U.A. Journal, Mark McManus, General President stated:
“I believe it all starts with really knowing and caring about the U.A. member…so that’s why I pledge to you today to rededicate myself and all our U.A. officers to be open and to listen to the local unions and the members we represent. All the good ideas do not come from Annapolis or the Business Manager’s desk. We need you to be informed and to be engaged in the life of your union. I need an engaged membership to continue to fight for what is ours.”

Why a U.A. Local 290 comprehensive membership survey?

Time and experience have proven that when the union makes an effort to reach out to each member, that members will reach back. U.A. Local 290 cares about its members and is committed to following through on the general president’s call to action to really get to know our membership. If unions are going to thrive in these turbulent times we must find ways to become stronger from within. This comprehensive membership survey is a way to reach out to our members and invite them to provide their honest input and feedback about their union. The information collected will be used for statistical, non-partisan purpose. Results will be available early 2018.

Incentive to participate: By completing a survey and providing your name and contact information, your name will be entered into a drawing to win one of several $50 gift cards or a Fitbit activity tracker. The first drawing will take place at the October union meeting. You will be contacted soon after if you are a winner.

Confidentiality statement: We ask that you provide the most honest and relevant feedback you can to help us better understand who Local 290 members are, how they participate in their union and what they want from their union. All responses will be kept confidential and anonymous.

Surveys can be completed online via Google Forms (see link on www.ua290.org) or paper forms can be picked up and returned to your local Union Hall or Training Center.

For more information about this survey, please contact:

Tori Geter, Local 290 Wellness Program Coordinator at 541-646-1493, wellness@ua290.org

Zory Hill, Recording Secretary at 541-643-7439, peaceplumber51@gmail.com

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