RSVP for A Musical Homage to Shakti
Akhil Jobanputra invites you to an evening of musical expression, artistry, and devotion to celebrate Navaratri (the nine nights of the Great Goddess). Artists featured are Carnatic violinist Kaushik Sivaramakrishnan and Curtis Andrews, a local multi-percussionist who will be on mrdangam. Minimum entry contribution is $15.00 (cash only).

Please fill-out this form to completion in order to attend this program. Each attendee needs to fill this out individually. Those who have not filled out this form will not be allowed to attend the program. Limited seating is available for 30 people only. This form will be closed once we have reached our maximum capacity and will no longer accept applications.

Date: Saturday, October 9, 2021 @ 7.00pm

Address: 1701-4505 Hazel Street, Burnaby

A cat named Bālā resides in this unit. If you are allergic to cats or are deathly afraid of their little paws, please refrain from attending this program. No food or refreshments (other than water) will be provided for safety reasons. Floor seating and minimal chair seating will be available. Buzzer number, COVID screening, and additional details will be sent to registered participants 48hrs prior to the program.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Akhil at 604 720 9047.
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Are you available to attend 'A Musical Homage to Shakti' on Saturday, October 9 at 7.00pm? *
If you indicate you're available and submit this form please stick to it, unless you get sick or become exposed to COVID. I would like to make sure the artists have a good audience and enough payment to make their time worthwhile. Last minute cancellations become hard to accommodate for, especially during COVID.
Will you be attending with others? *
If your answer is yes, please have the others fill out this form. Their spot will only be secure once doing so.
COVID Protocols
- Masks must be worn by audience members at all times (including in the washroom, but you are allowed to take it off to drink water)
- Please bring your own drinking bottle (water will be available at the venue)
- There will be no distancing due to lack of space, please only attend if you will be comfortable with this
- Temperature as well as proof of vaccination checks will be conducted upon arrival (at least one vaccine required)
- All registered attendees will be required to submit a COVID screening form prior to the program. If said form is not completed prior to program you will not be allowed to enter
- Protocols are subject to change to better suit the impermanent nature of our environment

Please keep in mind that all these regulations are to protect our artists and other attendees. If you do not wish to comply with the above stated protocols then sadly you cannot attend this event.
Do you agree to comply with the host's COVID protocols? *
Are you allergic to cats? *
By clicking "I agree" you recognize the possibility of COVID exposure and transmission by attending this event. You therefore do not hold the host, musicians, nor other attendees liable for any COVID transmission that may occur. You will do your best to avoid transmission by only attending in good health, and by following the above mentioned protocols. *
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Thank you for filling out your RSVP form! An email with be sent to you closer to the date with a screening form and additional address details. Please keep in mind that $15.00 is the minimum entry contribution. Bring exact cash for whatever amount you'd like to contribute and place it in the bowl at the door. All funds will go towards our featured artists in appreciation of their music. I'm looking forward to having you at the program!
Sincerely, Akhil Jobanputra
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