Community Connections Mentoring Hours
We appreciate your decision to mentor a child through Community Connections Mentoring. This form is intended to make it easy for you to submit your hours report for the month. Please let us know if you have any questions.( SUBMIT TWICE if you need to send in more than one month hours)
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Please submit a new report for each mentee.
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Please indicate which month you are reporting hours for and submit a new report for each month.
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Please indicate the total number of hours you spent with your mentee this month.
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If some of the hours with your mentee were spent doing community service (either in a Community Connections Mentoring project, or on your own), please indicate the number of hours.
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NOTE: due to some changes from our reporting requirements please indicated how many times you met in the month and if contacts included a phone call/text/email with the mentee ( beyond setting up a meeting time.) And give a brief description of activities/time spent together. *
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Activities for month of November
Again thank you to all who helped at the Open House - please stop in to see us at 121 N Dewey if you were unable to attend.
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