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We have decided to do a VIRTUAL craft fair! The Library will host a page on its website for artists/makers to advertise their wares. You will be contacted directly by interested parties for sales, and you can even meet them at the Olive Free Library parking lot for drop off/delivery. As usual, all items for sale need to be handmade.

There is no charge to join us. However, we would love it if you considered donating to the Olive Library if you make sales.

If you have a website or ETSY shop, please provide us with the URL to help promote your handmade items. If you don't, no worries, you can send us a few pictures of your wares, and we'll post them on our website.

Event Timing: Launching Nov. 28th
Event Address: VIRTUAL from the Olive Free Library Website
Contact us at (845) 657-2482 or
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There is no fee to be involved, however we would love for you to consider a donation to the library if you make sales. Thanks in advance! *
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