i3Detroit Member Prep Phase 1: Getting Started
As a member of i3Detroit, you'll be trusted with a great deal of responsibility! This process is designed to teach you what you need to know, by exposing you to many facets of the group. As you seek to answer these questions, consider why each question is here, and why a member might be expected to know each of these things.

If you need help, ask any member, but keep in mind: A personal trainer doesn't lift the weights for you! The goal here is to beef up *your* knowledge-base before getting a key. Prove how resourceful you can be, and enjoy this information-hunt!

You don't have to do these steps in order, and since Google Forms doesn't handle partial responses (or navigating away from a form while filling it out) very well, you might want to pre-jot your answers on paper or something while you're working, then submit this thing all at once.

NOTE: If you submit Phase 1 and do not complete Phase 2 within six months, you may be asked to re-complete Phase 1.

Are you up to it?
Meet the facility!
Learn about the space you're becoming part of, the tools and safety equipment therein, and some of the upkeep we share.
How many fire extinguishers does the space have? *
Hint: Maps showing their locations can be found throughout the space!
Your answer
If they were almost due for re-certification, who would you notify? (Fire extinguishers are considered part of the infrastructure zone.) *
Look in the wiki to find the volunteers who serve as point-of-contact for each zone. (You'll be introduced to the wiki shortly!)
Your answer
There's an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) in a cabinet by the front door. When does its battery expire? *
(You'll have to open the cabinet and unzip the carry case to find this info, which should be visible within a clear window. DO NOT pull the activation handle on the unit itself!)
Your answer
When a trash can is full, who should empty it? (Check all that apply.) *
Where are the new trash bags located? *
In addition to being great souvenirs for visitors, i3 logo T-shirts can be a great way to represent the group at events. Where are the shirts located? *
Your answer
As you wander the space you may notice some tools have colored tape/tags on them. What does this communicate? *
The Wiki is a great way to decode what each color represents!
Your answer
Long-answer time: Name 2 or 3 tools in the space that you consider dangerous, and for each one, state whether it's marked as training required, and explain who you'd contact to get trained or checked out on it. *
Maybe come back and fill this one out after you get familiar with the wiki, a few questions down!
Your answer
Meet some humans!
We're more than a warehouse, of course! Since long before we shared a warehouse, i3Detroit has been a group of people who share a common idea, and who share the work of keeping this whole thing running.

Meeting, knowing, and working with each other is an important part of membership. These next few items will encourage you to get to know a few of your fellow members.

Find a member who is NOT volunteering on the board of directors, as an officer, or as a zone coordinator. What is their name? (And do they know yours now?) *
Your answer
How does a member's photo get added to the corkboard near the door? *
Your answer
On the front page of i3Detroit.org, there's a phone number. (In the contact-us section.) Who is supposed to answer it? *
Your answer
Meet our hive-mind, the wiki!
In order to exist without an on-site manager, we need a way to share information with each other. Since everyone is responsible for upkeep, we need an information-resource that we can all update. That sounds like a job for a wiki!

We run the same software as Wikipedia, but separately, on our own server. It's at www.i3detroit.org/wiki or you can just go the front page of the website and click where it says "wiki". The main page has jumping-off points for a tremendous amount of information, so spend a few minutes exploring what's there!

At this point you don't have a wiki login yet, so you won't be asked to do any editing. But, try your hand at finding some important information:

Name any two zones (your favorites, perhaps) and name the Zone Coordinators for them. *
Your answer
The organization's Bylaws and Standing Rules are also kept in the wiki. Please read them, they're not just a suggestion! There's also some interesting stuff in there. What's your favorite section, and why? *
Your answer
General member meetings are on the first and third Tuesday's of each month. Unless otherwise specified, when does the i3 Board of Directors meet at the space? *
Who may attend i3 board meetings? *
Meet the organization!
In addition to the pure information content of the wiki, we also have some important practices and habits that make us who we are. These next few points will help you get familiar with a few of them:
How many employees does i3Detroit have? *
Your answer
Why is it important that every guest in the space complete a waiver on their first visit? *
Why is it important that members sign-in their guests on their first and every subsequent visit, on the sign-in clipboard? *
How old must someone be to legally sign the waiver? *
When requesting to join the public mailing list you had to answer an anti-spam question. What was the answer? *
Psst! If you haven't joined the public mailing list yet, you can do so at the link below. NOTE: Please copy-paste the address into another browser window so you don't lose your progress! https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/i3detroit-public
Your answer
Be a good sport and indulge us and just tell us a little more?
Checkpoint! How's it going so far? Do you feel all this stuff is stuff a member should know? Are you learning a lot as you go find it? Anything you expected to be asked, but hasn't come up yet? This question isn't required but your feedback at this point is appreciated!
Your answer
While we're collecting feedback, how did you hear about us?
Your answer
Have you ever visited or been a member of another maker/hackerspace or DIY workshop? If so, where?
Your answer
Cool! That's about it for Phase 1
Now we get you into the member database and create some accounts, so you can get connected to more resources. First, we need to verify your email!
What email address did you use to sign up for i3detroit-public? *
Your answer
What username would you like on the wiki? *
If you have a handle you prefer to use, tell us now!
Oh yeah. What's your full name? It'll appear this way in the member database. *
Your answer
Alright! Submit this sucker and cross your fingers!
If you don't hear back in a few days, email membership@ and we'll figure it out.
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