Alternative Breaks Trip Advisor Application
Applications Due: October 31, 2018 at 11:59 pm

Alternative Breaks, a program of the UT Longhorn Center for Community Engagement, takes undergraduate students across the country to closely examine social justice issues. Students go through six weeks of pre-trip training and curriculum before departing for their trip. While on the trip students perform direct service, meet with non-profits, advocacy groups, and local community leaders focusing on the social issue at hand. Being immersed in diverse environments enables participants to experience, discuss, and understand social issues in a significant way.
This year’s Alternative Breaks social issues and destinations include:

• McAllen, TX: Immigrant Rights
• Houston, TX: Serving the Community Outside UT
• New Orleans, LA: Examining Systemic Racism

You will be asked to rank your trip preferences later in this application.

Alternative Breaks recruits graduate students and staff to act as Trip Advisors for each of our Alternative Breaks trips. Trip Advisors will have a wide-array of responsibilities in their role, mainly acting as support to their Alternative Break’s undergraduate Trip Leaders.

As an Alternative Breaks Trip Advisor, you will undertake a range of activities including:
• Managing relationships (with your Trip Leaders, community partners, LCCE staff members, and AB participants).
• Actively supporting your Trip Leaders in group facilitation, conflict management, and building trip curriculum.
• Keeping track of finances while on the trip.
• Providing direction, instructions, and guidance to your Trip Leaders toward the purpose of achieving their goals.

Trip Advisors selected for this competitive position will:
• Develop skills in student development, community building, facilitation, and team-building.
• Gain exposure to issues around social justice and key players in Austin’s social justice scene.
• Build professional relationships across campus and in a new city.
• Have the opportunity to oversee curriculum development.


Trip Advisors selected for this position must be willing to commit to high-intensity engagement with the program over the 2018-19 academic year, including:
• Weekly meetings with your student Trip Leaders
• Attendance at Alternative Breaks Spirit Event: November 18, 2018
• Attendance at an Alternative Breaks Trip Advisor orientation: Date TBD (likely the week of Nov. 12th)
• Attendance at weekly participant meetings: Each Sunday, February 3rd – March 10th from 5p-7p,
• Attendance at a 2-hour financial briefing: Spring, Date TBD
• Attendance at your Alternative Break March 16th – 23rd
• Attendance at an Alternative Breaks re-orientation on the evening of March 31st

*All listed events are mandatory.

This is an inter-disciplinary program, meaning students or staff from any major or background can apply.

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