HARO Tournament Staff and Officials
The Houston Area Region Odyssey tournament is larger than several State tournaments. For this reason, memberships are asked to assist with tournament administration. Schools that have more than 4 teams (primary or competitive) should provide one or more tournament staff (TS). See HARO team qualifications on the website to determine how many TS are required.

TS are volunteers at the membership level who take on a specific supervisory-level task.
In the past TS used to register in the Judges database, which was confusing to teams and Officials alike. Several tasks are done before or after the tournament hours. Unlike Judges, any TS who volunteers during the tournament can arrange to take time off and go watch a team perform.

There are 3 steps for Tournament Staff:
1) Select a job
2) Attend a one-hour orientation session
3) Register to provide all your contacts

We appreciate our volunteers!!!!!!!

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