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Students can't be what they can't see! To make educated career decisions, students need to learn about themselves and participate in a variety of career exploration opportunities, like job shadows, informational interviews, volunteering and internships. These opportunities are now very limited due to the current public health crisis.

You can help!

Join us as a professional guest during one of our Career Chats - 30-minute facilitated career conversations via Zoom. You will have the opportunity to share your own career path, along with the “inside scoop” of your occupation and industry. Your valuable insights will support student career exploration!

If you are interested in being a guest, please complete this brief form. We will be sure to follow up!

To make sure that our Career Chat guests are representative of our community, please share this opportunity with all colleagues that would enjoy the opportunity, especially professionals of color, or those that are non-traditional in their field. We also need a variety of roles that require different levels of education (i.e. technicians, assistants, coordinators, apprentices, etc.), so please keep this in mind.

Questions? Contact, 616-365-2369
Kent ISD Career Readiness Dept.
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