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We are looking for experienced licensed mental health professionals to take part in this unique combination of online coursework and an intensive immersion experience at one of our Family Camp programs.

Camp will run at Common Ground Center in Starksboro, Vermont. www.cgcvt.org
Trainees will be asked to arrive by 3:00 on Sunday, July 7 and may leave late on Saturday, July 13 (or early Sunday, July 14)

Fee for the training is $3500 and includes pre camp webinars, immersion at the program and all meals and accommodations, transportation to and from the Burlington airport in VT and all other expenses while at camp. Transportation to Vermont is not included.

After completing the training you will have a clear understanding of the complexities of this work and of the importance of working with the entire family in the type of intensive psycho-educational programs offered by Overcoming Barriers.

Thank you for your interest!

For questions please email us at overcomingbarriers@gmail.com or call 917-407-1166.

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