Ruby Unconf Hamburg 2019 - Diversity Scholarship Application
Our scholarship program is meant to make Ruby Unconf 2019 a better unconference. The scholarship program is put in place because we've seen how providing this financial support has led to an enriching experience both on stage and off at other conferences, such as JSUncofEU organized by our dear friends. Additionally, we want to cultivate an inclusive environment from which the industry (and the individuals who comprise it) can learn.

We want to make this community-focused event accessible to the wide range of people who are learning, work with, or are enthusiasts of Ruby.

We welcome applicants from underrepresented groups in tech to apply.

This includes, but is not limited to:
*people facing economic and/or political hardships
*female-identified persons
*people of color
*LGBTQ+ people
*people with physical and mental disabilities

If you are unsure whether you are eligible or not, please apply. We would rather read extra applications than miss out on potential recipients.

We expect that we will receive more applicants than we can support financially. We will select applicants based on the impact the scholarship may have for the applicant and for the Ruby Unconf community. Additionally, we will take into consideration the cost of travel for applicants traveling from abroad. Please do not let the final point discourage you, as we appreciate having a geographically diverse group.

Scholarship recipients will receive a Ruby Unconf 2019 ticket. In addition, we will book travel and accommodation for you, so that you can arrive without stress :) The deadline is March 22nd. Applicants will be notified by March 29th.

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