Skerries Neighbourhoods Network: Group Registration
The Skerries Community Association is setting up this network of neighbourhood groups.
It brings together all the neighbourhood groups in Skerries in order to facilitate exchange of information and more. It is organised and supported by the Skerries Community Association (SCA).
The SCA and its committees (e.g. Tidy Towns, Town Twinning, Age Friendly, Sustainable Skerries, Skerries Cycling Initiative) will also be able to contact all or some of the neighbourhood groups to pass on information or to get in touch with them about various initiatives.
💥First of all: Let's get a full list of all the groups that are out there!💥

For each group, the SCA would like one contact name, email, and number. Please provide these details below.

By submitting this form, you agree to the following:

➡For the SCA via Skerries Neighbourhoods Network (SNN) to include the name of your group in a list of all groups that register with us (without publishing contact details or the name of people in those groups).

➡For the SCA and its committees to contact you with information, initiatives, invites to consultation and similar things by WhatsApp and / or email.

➡For the SCA via SNN to forward the details (name, address, email & phone number) of those interested in joining your group to you via WhatsApp and / or email.

➡To be added to the WhatsApp group for all Skerries Neighbourhood Groups.

🌱Let's make Neighbourhood Groups grow all over Skerries!🌳

🌸 Please do not forget to answer all required questions, and to click "SUBMIT" at the end! You will receive an email with a copy of your answers. If you didn't get one [check the spam folder...], something went wrong... 🌸

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This is the email address we will use to contact you. It should be the same as you entered above. We will not make this email address public.
Name of the group to be registered *
This will appear on the Skerries Community Association website.
Area your group covers *
Could be a road, a number of roads, or an entire estate. Please be specific. This will appear on the Skerries Community Association website.
How your group communicates *
Please tick all that apply. This will appear on the Skerries Community Association website.
Main contact's (your) first name *
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Main contact's (your) last name *
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Main contact's mobile phone number *
This will not be made publicly available. We will, however, use it for the Skerries Neighbourhoods Network WhatsApp group.
GDPR / Privacy
SCA Privacy Statement
This statement describes how the Skerries Community Association CLG (SCA) collects, processes, protects and manages personal data.

When a person signs up to be a member of the Association they are asked for their name, address, email and confirmation that they are over eighteen years of age and resident in Skerries. These details are held in a membership database and email contacts may be used to communicate with members regarding, for instance, the Annual General Meeting. Access to the membership database is restricted to the SCA board of directors.
The SCA has a separate email mailing list for its newsflash service from which it is possible to unsubscribe at any stage by clicking on “unsubscribe” at the bottom of each Newsflash email.
Contact details of active volunteers are shared with other volunteers in order to organise events etc.
Volunteers who apply for vetting by the National Vetting Bureau (NVB) complete a Vetting Invitation Form. These details are transferred by the SCA’s vetting contact to the authorised signatory (Fingal Volunteer Service) for processing by the NVB.
Individuals may supply the SCA with personal data for specific purposes; e.g., to express their interest in programmes like the Better Energy Community programme. These details are shared only with third parties involved directly in the operation of each programme.
The SCA does not transfer members’ personal data to third parties for marketing purposes.

The SCA website uses cookies for the normal functioning of the website and for traffic analysis. (Cookies are small pieces of information sent to your computer or browsing device when you access a website.)

Members can request a copy of their personal data. A response will be provided within one month in electronic form, unless otherwise requested. If a member’s personal data is incorrect, they can ask for it to be corrected. They can also request that their data is deleted and this will be done unless the SCA is legally required to retain them. All of these requests should be sent to
GDPR: Please confirm that you have read and are OK with the Privacy Statement (above) of the SCA. *
This will not be made publicly available.
We are putting together some helpful material for groups that are in the process of forming a neighbourhood group / residents' association etc. 💥 The following questions are optional, but your answers would help us in this! 💥
When was your group established? (Please enter the year, such as 1984, 2019 etc.)
How many members does your group have? (roughly)
What percentage (roughly) is that of households in the area it covers?
How active is your group? (How many messages – roughly – per week?)
Apart from messages, do you do anything else? If yes, what?
What do you see as the biggest advantage(s) of your group?
What advice would you give new, similar groups?
Any other comments?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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