Expressions of Interest: OTHER [chinese]
We are coming to Dunedin this April to present the live documentary theatre show, OTHER [chinese], at the Dunedin Arts Festival and Festival of Colour (Wanaka).

OTHER [chinese] is an award-winning project that examines what it means to be Chinese in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Participants are invited to group workshops, where we explore ideas around identity, and share our unique story about being Chinese.

It is a chance to hear the many different perspectives of Chinese people living here, and discover the similarities (and differences!) between us. We also discuss the history of the Chinese community in the area, and how these experiences have shifted over time.

Following the workshops, all participants get to share their story in the live theatre show, presented in front of an audience. This show is ‘directed’ live by Alice, who facilitates the performance as if it were a group workshop. This is ‘unscripted’, giving opportunities for spontaneous and candid responses from the participants. We mix the stories with group activities and filmed footage, creating a live documentary-style show.

The purpose of the project is to illuminate and celebrate what it means to be Chinese (because it isn’t one, singular thing!). We have facilitated workshops all over New Zealand with well over a hundred people, and are always surprised at the range of stories and experiences that we discover:

We are currently looking for volunteers to participate in this project. Come to a workshop, or be interviewed, and then participate in both the Wanaka and Dunedin performances (three shows total). This is a volunteer opportunity, and open to anyone who identifies as Chinese (all nationalities welcome). No performance experience necessary – just bring your authentic self!

To register your interest, get in touch! We look forward to connecting with you.

Alice Canton (Director) and Sherry Zhang (Producer)
(+64) 212222437

Workshop Period
Dunedin: 3 – 12 April (evenings & weekends – full schedule TBC)

Travel Day
Tuesday 13 April (day)

Wanaka: Tuesday 13 April (evening)
Dunedin: Thursday 15 April, Friday 16 April (evening)
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