Schedule your stream time!

1) Everyone on Stream MUST have a BTLW 2020 shirt. We will verify the information provided in the form with our Roster. If someone else registered you under a different name, use THEIR NAME in the Participant Info and put YOUR NAME into the Additional Notes section. If you have not registered, please do so at the parking lot across from the Resch Center on 9/12 and then return to the form.

2) If you are not the TEAM CAPTAIN, please contact them before completing to make sure they haven't scheduled a time before doing so. We prefer to schedule teams together. The Team Captain will get first priority for Team Stream time and anyone else joining from that team will be put into the same time frame unless an exception is granted by BTLW. Plan for about 5 minutes of screen time.

3) Teams may have more than 1 person join the stream. Please understand that we may have more participants than time and may not be able to fit everyone in. This form does not guarantee stream guest time. First come, first scheduled. If there are scheduling conflicts, we'll do all we can to contact you prior to 9/12 by email. Thank you for understanding! Please share photos to our Be The Light Walk page on Facebook or email with download links if you upload them to a cloud service (Drive, Dropbox, etc)

4) The EMAIL ADDRESS FIELD BELOW MUST MATCH the one you registered under. We're checking our roster. There is a separate field for alternate email address further down for your personal email if it's different from the registered email address.

5) Instructions on how to join will be emailed to you on 9/12. Individuals must have earbuds and a smartphone with data and video streaming capabilities through a mobile browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox apps).
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