Kindergarten Readiness Night
This is a free, educational night at the Children's Museum of Findlay for students and caregivers who are registered for a Hancock County Kindergarten in the 2020/2021 school year. We will be transforming each exhibit into a guided practice activity featuring skills your child should know prior to Kindergarten or will learn while in Kindergarten.
Due to expected attendance, each night will be split among the Hancock County School Districts. Each District will send a representative with information on their specified night and will answer any questions you might have regarding Kindergarten screening, registration, or the school. We would like those only in the District to attend on their specified night, if possible. We understand schedules don't always allow for this, so please register for the date you can attend and answer 'no" on the last question that you cannot attend on your scheduled night.
Since this will be not a night of free play like our normal hours, we ask that you try to keep your guest count to your upcoming Kindergarten student and caregivers, if possible. (There will not be school reps outside of their scheduled night).
Please check in at the front upon arrival.
March 2, 5-7pm - Findlay City Schools and St Mikes, St Peter School (Upper Sandusky)
March 3, 5-7pm - Liberty-Benton, Van Buren, Vanlue, Riverdale
March 4, 5-7pm - McComb, Arcadia, Arlington, Cory-Rawson
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