The Modern Quilt Guilds of SC are uniting for a SWAP! Are you pumped!?!

The social media hashtag is: #SCMQGSWAP

Please jot the following down in your calendar:
Registration Deadline: July 15th
Partner Matches: August 5th
Progress Shot #1: Fabric Pull (September 1)
Progress Shot #2: Some piecing done on the top (October 6)
FINAL SWAP: Saturday, November 3rd at 11:00 AM at Creative Sewing Center in Columbia, SC
519 12th St, West Columbia, SC 29169

Theme: "Personalize It" (Get to know your partner's form and make something you just know they will love!)
No side larger than 24"
No side smaller than 12"

NO EXTRAS please. Just the SWAP.

Membership in one or more of the official SC Modern Quilt Guilds is required for participation.

Post progress shots on IG or share them with your Guild reps:
Greenville MQG: Michelle Blake
Charleston MQG: Phoebe Harrell
Columbia MQG: Mitzie Schafer

We ask that you only sign up if you believe you can finish the mini on time. We don't want any of our folks to NOT get their mini. We will have angels, but we hope not to have to use them. If you find that you can't finish, please tell us ASAP so your angel has time to complete something of quality.

You will be matched with someone outside your guild.

Fill out this form to register. Your information will be compiled and shared with your partner so he/she can make you something that you will just love - something "personal." And thanks for playing! See you in Columbia on November 3rd!

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Do you have pets or does someone in your home smoke? *
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Are you willing to be an angel for your guild? (If someone can't finish their commitment, you would be willing to make their person a Swap.) *
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