Apply for the Be Ultra Coaching Program

** You realize that you are applying for a coaching service and if chosen will need to go through the checkout process to pay for the service. Basically, this is full service coaching with a wrinkle of added accountability!

** We have found that the accountability of the original Becoming Ultra project is the "special sauce". Tapping into community and still getting high level coaching is the main concept. Learn more at if you just happened upon this page .

*This is a first come first serve program. Applying does not guarantee acceptance into the program. You will have to register for the service if chosen.

*You understand that you'll be signing a release for full access to the training and coaching sessions

* We are happy to take general running clients for this program and hopefully you can train for one of the organized events through the project. It really doesn't matter but we love to be able to see our runners in person!

* You accept to be coached by Becoming Ultra lead coach Scott Jones. He has his M.S. in exercise science and is coaching athletes from all over to reach their goals.

Once you have applied, we will let you know within a week as long as we don't have any other major questions!

The pricing for this program is $225/month. It is all laid out on the checkout page. This coaching rate is discounted from our regular custom coaching for the new program! The pricing includes Team BU which is an awesome community we have created for extra accountability. Learn more at:
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Describe your running over the last year at a high level (e.g. approximate average mileage, periods of not running, etc)
Why would you want to run an Ultra? Or continue to run them?
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