Kortex University Application
This questionnaire contains a series of questions that, if answered truthfully, will help us tell you whether you are a fit for Kortex University.

Kortex University is a group experience for writers, creators, and marketers who want to build a name for themselves online with our Synthesizer Systems.

We only accept:
  • Individuals that want a writing-based personal brand. No flashy images, designs, or gimmicks. Pure depth and authority with an intelligent audience built.
  • Writers, creators, and marketers that want to use a personal brand as a powerful traffic mechanism (you don't have to rely on heavy marketing and sales anymore).
  • Founders, executives, and leaders of companies that want to build their voice online and bring a positive reputation to their company.
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On a scale of 1 to 5 how happy are you with your brand's growth over the last year? *
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I'm happy with my growth
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Are you confident that you are attracting the right audience? One that will eventually buy from you? *
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What do you do for work? *
What is your current monthly income or revenue? *
How much are you investing each month into your business growth?
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With the right guidance, how much do you want to add to your monthly income or revenue per month (6 months from now)? *
In your opinion, what is the one thing that is holding you back from reaching that? *
If we see that you can get massive benefit from the University, will you be ready to commit your time, focus, and finances to reach your individual goals?

(If this question makes you uncomfortable, we ask that you do not submit this application.)
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