I Dissent GS patch
I Dissent Patch program

As we come up on the one year anniversary of RBG's passing, we do not want the amazing strides she took to advance equality for women. We hope that troops will continue to pass the legacy on.

 The program packet will come via email to you with the subject I Dissent. The program was created by my troop to be used with these patches as a portion of each patch price goes to supporting our original TAP recipient, Women on the Way of St Pete College Florida.

Our troop is amazed by the number of Girl Scouts who wish to honor the memory of RBG by learning more and proudly wearing the patch. We thank you for your patience as we process each request.

Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors are welcome to earn this special patch created by Girl Scouts just for Girl Scouts who are interested in learning more about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, women's rights and other issues impacting women around the globe.  
Overview: This patch program was created by my Senior GS troop as a Take Action Project for GirlTopia Journey a little over a year ago. A portion of the proceeds will go towards items to support the "Women on the Way" program run by St. Petersburg College. This program helps women with resumes, professional attire and interview skills to help them get jobs.

The program my troop created follows the traditional format of Discover, Connect and Take Action. There is a wide selection of activities to choose from for varying leader/girl comfort levels that are appropriate for each level. The girls updated the program after the passing of RBG to cover some other angles and topics.

Activities are a mix of things that can be done virtually or in person. Pick and choose what works for your girls and what they are interested in. Activities can be done by ZOOM meetings or individually or in person.

The list has 60 plus different activities. Each level is encouraged to do XX number in each.  There are things like learning about standing up for yourself (tweak this to your age group). Learning about RBG's collar... and what is stands for... and then making your own.. and sharing what it means...learning about the Supreme Court and how it works...there is a list of books on there the girls gathered - all different age levels- that deal with the same topics... and once activity is reading a book (or have someone read to you). There are service type projects...buddy benches etc. Older girls can watch the RBG movie and we hosted an event for younger scouts on self esteem when we worked through the program to test it out.

I Dissent ties in well with other official badge programs you may be working on.

Cadette journey on media images and body issues. There is room for your girls to make it meaningful for them.
New Democracy badge series -all levels
Public Policy
Advocacy journeys
suffrages programs

I am a teacher... so I guided my girls to think like a teacher as they created. Many activities can be adjusted easily by age.  Requirements will be sent out via email as patch requests are processed.

Payment for patches will be done via Paypal family and friends bank transfer. If you need to use a credit card or goods and services  please let us know IN ADVANCE by selecting that on the form so the fees can be added in. If mailing a troop check please allow additional time for processing.

If you have any questions please contact me  at Lhsmedia@aol.com  (note: this is NOT the address you use for PayPal- we have to use our troop acct. for that).

Thank you for supporting our girls and our community ! We hope you enjoy it!

**Please feel free to post and share this link!  The spread sheet we have created allows my girls to see how far the reach is of their educational program... which is a part of their TAP. The goal is all 50 states and as many countries as we can get!

August 2020 Current reach: 24 states   3 countries
December 2020 current reach: 47 states  3 countries
February 2021 current reach: 50 states 3 countries  

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