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We work with vulnerable adults and babies. We have strict guidelines of taking and sharing photographs and information. We only take photographs with the mothers consent, we only share photographs with the Coordinator (Karolina Hardy) and other doulas if the mother consented for us to do so. Please delete any pictures you may have on your mobile after you have shared them with the mother. Please do not share photographs of mothers and babies on social media. Thank you *
If you feel that a mother or baby may in danger of abuse (Discriminatory abuse, Psychological abuse, Financial or material abuse, Organisational abuse, Neglect and acts of omission, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Domestic abuse, Modern slavery, Self-neglect), please contact the ND Safeguarding officer: Karolina Hardy, Carolyn Ouladzahra, 07721182303, cikera@yahoo.com *
You will be receiving sensitive personal information about the mothers and their circumstances. Those are strictly confidential and only to be shared among other doulas working with the particular mother. Once we stop working with the mother, please delete the Booking form from your mobile / computer. Thank you. *
Thank you for applying to volunteer for Neighbourhood Doulas. Once the form is processed, you will be added to our Whatsup group. We are very grateful for your support. *
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