It’s almost August. How do you feel about Michigan schools reopening?
Please feel free to answer the questions most relevant to you. This form is confidential. If you are OK with us publishing your answers, along with your name and location, let us know in the appropriate box below. We won't publish your contact information. We just ask for it in case we have a follow-up question or clarification. Thank you for sharing with us.

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What’s your first and last name? *
What’s your connection to schools? Are you a… *
What’s the name of your city, school, and/or district? *
If you’re a parent: Is your district offering a hybrid option of in-person classes and virtual learning? If so, what would make you consider this option as opposed to fully virtual? And how would you handle child care during the time your child is learning at home?
If you’re a student, tell us what you think of the hybrid option?
It could be a few more weeks before families know how many days a week their schools will provide in-person learning for their children. How does this affect you in terms of planning for the fall?
Do you think there should be mandatory coronavirus testing of students and staff in order to open school buildings for the fall? Why or why not?
What is your school doing or not doing to make you feel safe or at risk?
Should schools test students academically at the beginning of the school year to determine how much learning they’ve lost since March, or how far behind they are? Why or why not?
If you’re a parent or student, how much social and emotional support do you think your children or your peers will need when schools reopen?
How do you think remote learning can be improved?
If you are a parent, caregiver, or student, do you have reliable home internet and devices for remote learning?
If students or teachers test positive for the coronavirus at school, how would you like to see it handled? If you are a student or parent, how does this decision affect whether you or your child will return to school?
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