Tsagaan Sar Event Application
Let us know that you're interested in planning a Tsagaan Sar event in your community!

We'll reach out about 2-5 days after we receive your application.

Have a question? Email us at communications@friendsofmongolia.org
- Event must be jointly organized with at least one Mongolian individual, business, or organization

- Event can be held in a private or public venue

- Event must be open to the public and adequately marketed through flyers, an online event, or social media.

- Must be held before March 4, 2019.
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Is the event being organized by or in partnership with at least one Mongolian individual, business, or organization? *
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Planning and Logistics
We'd like to know how far along in the planning process you are. Leave blank if you're not sure yet.
When will the event be held? Please keep in mind that we require the event to be held on or before March 4, 2019 for full reimbursement.
Where will the event take place?
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How much will the event cost in total (venue, food, decorations, fees, etc)?
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