Reusable Drink Containers Survey
The Waste Watchers Club is currently working with University Housing and Dining Services to create a program that would reduce the university's use of disposable (single-use) coffee and other drink cups. Please answer the following questions to help us make the program the best that it can be!
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Which of these best describes you? *
Do you have a reusable container that would be appropriate for to-go hot and cold drinks? (for example, a bottle, mug, tumbler, etc.) *
Do you have access to a sink or something similar to rinse a reusable drink container on a daily basis? *
If OSU added a 10-cent fee to all orders in a disposable cup (the average cost of the packaging), do you think this would affect your purchasing habits? (The 25-cent discount for using a reusable would remain in place.) *
Why or why not would a 10-cent fee affect your purchasing habits?
If OSU has a large increase in reusable mug use, counter space for orders may be a challenge. How much would it affect your routine if customers needed to wait nearby and bring up your mug when your order is called? *
It wouldn't affect my routine
It would ruin my routine
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