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ROAM HOME is an online-based social and wellness initiative catered towards members of the dance music community. With online events hosted and curated by a diverse collective of community members, ROAM HOME aims to encourage positive, web-based social interaction, emotional connection and physical wellbeing to benefit those in isolation.

Thank you for your interest in our private Zoom sessions. Please fill out the form below, and we will email you the link to the Zoom meeting before it begins. By submitting this form, you confirm that you have both read and commit to abiding by our web-based community guidelines listed at the bottom of this page.
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ROAM HOME: Zoom Community Guidelines
These guidelines are set in place to promote a safer online ROAM HOME Zoom space in which community members may express themselves, and connect to others, both openly and respectfully. Please read these guidelines before submitting this form.

⁃ DO NO HARM - Login to these spaces with kindness, open hearts and open minds.
⁃ ONE MIC - Please respect one another in group conversation by serving as an active listener. Do your best to avoid interrupting, or talking over, someone else.
⁃ TAKE SPACE, MAKE SPACE - Engage. Connect. Be an active participant. If you have the tendency to monopolize, be mindful of the space you take within group conversation.
⁃ “DON’T YUCK MY YUM” - People are allowed to have different likes and dislikes; this is what makes us unique as individuals. Please keep this in mind during group conversation, and remember: you have the ability to control the way you react and respond to others. Everyone is on their own journey.
⁃ STAY PRESENT - We kindly ask that you stay engaged and mentally/physically present in group activities, aside from times you must meet personal needs. If you are in a group, and need to step away for more than ten minutes, please make it known within the group and then log off. Re-admittance into Zoom Social Groups is allowed at the host’s discretion. Re-admittance into Zoom Wellness Groups is not allowed.
⁃ CONFIDENTIALITY - All Social and Wellness Groups hold a strict “no-record policy”; this means absolutely no visual or audio records (or recordings) of group sessions, will be permitted to be taken by group members. This policy is extended towards chat/video “party” rooms that coincide with any live-streamed music event. Participating group members will not be recorded by moderators or hosts without prior consent.
⁃ All participants will be asked to confirm they have read, understood and respect the “no-record policy,” and community guidelines, prior to the start of group activities.
⁃ CONFIDENTIALITY RE: WELLNESS GROUPS - What is heard, said, shown etc. in the wellness group, stays in the wellness group. This is non-negotiable, and applies to hosts, moderators and group members. Please be mindful of others in and around your living space. Please let the group know, at the beginning of the session, if you feel a non-group member may share your space at any point during the session. If that is the case, you may be asked by the host or moderator to wear headphones to ensure that only you, the participant, is listening in on the conversation.

Please understand; although we will do our best to maintain a safe space for our community, we are still online. Know that, although our moderators will do their best to maintain a safe space for participating group members, it is possible that some may not respect these group guidelines.

That said…

Any intentional breach of confidentiality and/or violation of group guidelines made by participants will result in potential banning from ROAM HOME online group activities and future banning from ROAM events. Any intentional breach of confidentiality and/or violation of group guidelines made by hosts or moderators will result in group or livestream cancellation and potential banning from ROAM HOME online group activities and future banning from ROAM events.

ROAM HOME has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to language or behaviors that reflect sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or any other oppressive viewpoints. If a group member is reported in violation of these stated terms, they are at risk of being banned from ROAM HOME online group activities and future ROAM events.

These guidelines and boundaries are subject to change, removal and/or expansion based on community needs. Community members will be notified of adjustments.

If you have further suggestions on how we can maintain a safer space for our online community, please email us at

Enjoy each other; have fun, stay safe and we’ll see you soon.

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