2022 CADBI rally registration form
This form is for people interested in attending the 2022 CADBI rally, which will take place in Harrisburg on May 25. This year's theme is "Second chances keep our communities safe," and we will be demanding that legislators support bills that would allow our loved ones the opportunity to come home from prison. The rally starts at 1pm on the Capitol steps, but buses will be leaving much earlier than that. Buses from Philly will leave from 46th street and Market Street next to the Aldi. More details about bus departure time and location will be sent out prior to the event. For more information and additional updates, check www.decarceratepa.info/2022rally. If you have any trouble filling out this form, or have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at 267-606-0324 or by email at CADBIphilly@gmail.com
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How many people are traveling with you and what are their names?
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CADBI will be arranging buses to the Rally from the Philadelphia area for those who do not have their own transportation. Would you like to reserve a seat on the bus? *
If yes, how many spots on the bus would you like to reserve?
Do any members of your group need special accommodations (air conditioning, wheelchair accessibility, etc)? If so, what types of accommodation and how many people?
If you have your own transportation, would you be willing to drive others to the rally?
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If yes, how many extra spots are available in your car(s)?
Where will you be coming from?
Do you need transportation from somewhere other than Philadelphia? If so, where?
We can't yet guarantee transportation from everywhere, but we will try and put people coming from the same areas in touch with one another so they can carpool.
Do you have any questions for us, or anything else you'd like us to know?
Thank you so much for registering! See you on May 25!
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