CheckPointOrg Streamers Application
CheckPointOrg is looking for new streamers to broadcast on our positive mental health Twitch Channel.
This application is available to all Twitch Streamers who are willing to spend at least a few hours a fortnight broadcasting on our channel and who stream for the betterment of others.

We only have a few simple guidelines for the channel. Outside of that we welcome all play styles, games, and time zones.

1. Be welcoming and inclusive. While you are streaming on the CheckPointOrg channel try not to swear, don't use words that stigmatise mental health (like crazy or insane) and of course don't use slurs.
2. Play games that aren't toxic or full of toxic players (for example no open voice chat on games with toxicity). If you aren't sure if a game is suitable feel free to ask.
3. If people start asking serious questions about mental health and you aren't trained to handle them point them towards CheckPoint resources. That's what they are there for.

CheckPoint is an organisation that promotes positive mental health in the gaming world, we are here to provide a safe space for others and to share our love of gaming.

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