Recursion Prime Bangkok Swag
We are proudly present the following swag for supporting ingress recursion prime Bangkok
Note: Price are quote in $ US Dollar

1. Recursion Prime Bangkok Logo pin Size 1.25" (Metallic pin: blue, black) - $4/each (Limited to 100 PCS)
Brass Lapel pin - 1.25" height with 2D & 3D raised metal Antique Gold plated with black/blue enamel fill, custom design for Recursion Prime Bangkok
เข็มกลัดโลหะรูปโลโก้อโนมาลี่ สีฟ้า สีดำ

(Sold Out) 2. Recursion Prime Bangkok Logo T-Shirt - $12/each
Cotton 100% No.20, Chest Size start from 36" (Wide 18"x2)

3. Recursion Prime Bangkok Logo Coin swag Size 2" . - $8/each (Limited to 100 PCS)
Misty Gold plating with black enamel fill Custom design for Recursion Prime Bangkok, 2D raised metal with 3D
elements on one side

4. Recursion Prime Bangkok Logo Hip Hop Cap - $10/each (Logo size 6 cm.)

5. Recursion Prime Panda round pin - $3/set (round pin size 4.4 cm)

6. Recursion Prime Bangkok Wristband - $3/each

์FREE! Recursion Prime Bangkok Logo bio card for every purchase order
Special Gift! Resistance Bangkok Logo Shopping Bag with every $35 spent in a single transaction (Limited to 100 PCS)

Shipping charges will apply as the extra cost. When I received your order, I will contact you for shipping cost.
ค่าจัดส่งของในประเทศไทยแบบ EMS อยู่ที่ 70 บาท/การสั่งจอง

For those who choose shipping via postal and already paid, we will start shipping swag on 24 October 2018.
ถ้าไม่ต้องการรับของที่หน้างาน เราจะจัดส่งของไปให้ท่านหลังงานอโนมาลี่

I will send confirm email/HO with payment method using paypal if available stock for your order.

Postal Rate for International, please see below link:

Recursion Prime Bangkok Tuk Tuk Version

All Special Swag

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