Mellon Initiative CURE Development Grant Application
The Mellon Initiative invites faculty to apply for funding to significantly redevelop lower-division courses that fulfill Pathways requirements by including course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs). CUREs provide opportunities for students to go beyond learning individual components of the academic research process, and beyond working on traditional research papers, by giving them opportunities to learn about research by working directly on a relevant and unfinished research project. An effective CURE will use the methodologies employed in the particular field, include an element of discovery, be relevant to the wider scholarly community, include collaboration, and may engage topics new to both the students and to the faculty teaching the course. For more information about CUREs and their effectiveness, visit the resources page on the Mellon Initiative website (

Since this is a development grant, most of the work will be done after the grant is awarded. Faculty whose proposals are funded will be expected to complete the following steps towards creating and implementing their CURE courses:

1) analyze the courses first and second year students take in their department and identify where they will be able to create undergraduate research experiences that will reach the most students, which could be a single course taught by multiple faculty or several courses offered by multiple faculty members;

2) create the CURE, which will include consulting research on CUREs, working with library and Collaborative staff, and may also include attending a workshop on CUREs;

3) teach the course(s) by the 3rd semester after the grant is awarded;

4) provide written assessment after teaching the course the first time;

5) discuss their projects at Mellon sponsored workshops at the Collaborative if possible.

Faculty are encouraged to apply for grants in teams of two or three from a single department or a single FYE, but individual applications will also be accepted. Each faculty member — individually, or part of a team — of a funded proposal will be awarded a $2,500 stipend ($1500 will be paid at the beginning of the grant period and $1,000 will be paid at the beginning of the semester when the course is taught for the first time). Funding to attend a workshop about CUREs is also available.

Prior to applying for this grant, please set up a meeting with Lauren Turek ( to discuss your project and the specifics of the grant. This meeting should take place before March 22, 2021.

Deadline for proposals is April 5, 2021.
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Your description should include the type of research and the associated assignments. This part of the application will necessarily be preliminary—and could change during the grant period—but should show that you have thought about ways to integrate a CURE into a lower-division course. Please limit your description to 300 words. You might want to type your answer in another document and then cut and paste it into this field.
In addition to filling out this form, please send copies of each applicant's CV to If you have any additional information that is relevant to your application, please provide it here.
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