Commitment Form - 2021 Recital
This is commitment for the 2021 recital. See a list of all classes participating at the bottom of this form.

The date for the recital is June 6, 2021 at Federal Hill Commons outdoor stage.

**As of December 21, 2020 I have ordered costumes. Anyone who signs up for the Recital after this date will need to wait for confirmation that I can order and have a costume delivered before their participation is finalized. Please fill out the Commitment Form below and wait for confirmation.**

Dancer Name(s)
I commit to participating in the 2021 Recital on June 6, 2021 @ Federal Hill Commons. *
I will pay the Recital Fee that includes a T-shirt and Video Link *
I will pay for all of the costumes needed for the Recital. *
Costume Payment Plans *
See payment option descriptions below
Payment Options
OPTION 1 - Pay All in 1 Payment- All due upon receipt of Payments posted
$30 Recital Fee Per Student
includes T-shirt and Video Link
plus $65 each costume for Child size Costume and $75 each Adult costume*

*If there is a question if your dancer is close to needing an Adult size we will charge for an Adult and refund you if a Child size is ordered instead.

Signature *
By typing your name below, you are agreeing to the options you have chosen.
Classes Participating in the recital
Pre-Ballet 2-Miss Lillian-4:30-5:30
Beginner 2 Tap-Miss Sue-5:30-6
Intermediate Tap-Miss Sue-6-7
Beginner Ballet-Miss Emily-6-7
Hi-Elementary Ballet-Miss Emily-7-8:30
Intermediate Ballet-Miss Rebecca-5:45-6:30
Advanced Ballet-Miss Rebecca-7:45-8:30

Beginner 2 Jazz-Mr. Manny-4:30-5:30
Beginner Ballet-Miss Melissa & Miss Lillian-4:30-5:30
Beginner 2 Ballet-Mr. Manny-5:30-6:30
Elementary/Intermediate Modern-Miss Rebecca-5:30-6:30
Beginner 3 Ballet-Miss Shauna-5:30-7
Intermediate Jazz-Mr. Manny-6:30-7:30
Hi-Elementary Jazz-Miss Shauna-7-8
Advanced Modern-Miss Rebecca-7:30-8:30
Lo-Elementary Jazz-Mr. Manny-7:30-8:30

Preschool Creative-Miss Lillian-4:15-5
Pre-Ballet-Miss Melissa & Miss Madeline-4:30-5:30
Teen Tap-Miss Sue-Miss Sue-4:30-5:30
Lo-Elementary Ballet-Mr. Tim-5-6:30
Beginner Tap-Miss Sue-5:30-6
Elementary Tap-Miss Sue-6-7
Intermediate Lyrical-Miss Marie-5:30-6:30
Elementary Lyrical- Mr. Tim-6:30-7:15
Advanced Jazz-Miss Marie-6:30-7:30
Advanced Lyrical-Miss Marie-7:30-8:30

Beginner 2 Ballet-Miss Sarah & Miss Lillian-4:30-5:30
Teen Beginner Ballet-Miss Emily-4:30-5:30
Intermediate Hip-Hop-Miss Shauna-4:30-5:30
Beginner Jazz-Miss Shauna-5:30-6:30
Beginner Hip-Hop-Miss Shauna-6:30-7:30
Teen Hip-Hop-Miss Shauna-7:30-8:30

Beginner Modern-Miss Rebecca-10-11
Preschool Creative-Miss Sarah & Miss Lillian-10:15-11
Pre-Ballet 1 & 2-Miss Sarah-11-12
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