Pet Lemur Survey
1. Did you see a captive, pet, or domestic lemur(s) while in Madagascar?
2. How many individual lemurs did you see?
3. In what type of environment did you see the lemur?
4. If you saw the lemur in a hotel or business, can you provide us with the name of the hotel or business?
We will never share this information with anyone; this information is only collected so that we can track when more than one respondent provides information about the same pet lemur.
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5. Did the lemur serve a purpose?
6. If the lemur was used for money making and tourism purposes, can you describe how much money was being charged for people to interact with the lemur or other ways in which the owner was benefiting monetarily from having a pet lemur?
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7. In what month and year did you see the lemur?
8. Did you see the lemur in an urban area?
9. Did you see the lemur in a town?
A town is defined here as a place with more than ~ 5,000 people.
10. Do you know the name of the town, region and/or province where you saw the lemur?
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11. Do you know what type of lemur it was?
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12. What type of captive environment was the lemur kept in?
13. Did the lemur have enough space to move around?
For example, could it move around somewhat freely? Could it move outside of the sunlight or away from other unwanted stimulus if necessary?
14. Do you know what the lemur was being fed?
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15. Was the lemur provided with food and/or water on a regular basis?
In other words, was it routinely fed at the same time, several times per day?
16. Did the lemur have a history of aggression?
For example, did it bite humans?
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17. Are you the owner of the lemur?
18. Was the owner of the lemur wealthy?
19. Was the owner of the lemur a foreigner or Malagasy?
20. Was the lemur owned by an adult or a child/family?
21. Do you know how the owner procured the lemur?
22. If ownership ended, can you provide information about what happened to the lemur?
23. Why were you in Madagascar?
24. Do you have any other comments?
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