Dynamic Walking 2017     Registration and Payment

Before filling in the form, below, get ready. Know these things. Do these things.

1. Who are you paying for? (One person can pay for many; enter "none" if someone else is paying for you.)

2. Do you want special housing? Do you want to bring a guest? (some extra cost, arranged by email).

3. Determine how and how much will you be paying.
Wire: Students and postdocs 550 Euros; Full 850 Euros.
US Paypal: Students and postdocs $600; Full $900.
(Fully funded post-docs are welcome to pay full fare to help cover costs for others.)

4. Pay conference fees. (See instructions on http://dynamicwalking.org.)

5. Each attendee should prepare the following files:

a) headshot photo, ideally square, at least 150 x 150 px. Your face is centered and fills most of the frame.
(use your laptop camera if you don't have a handy headshot).

b) 1 min video, please not much more [.mp4, .mov, mpg, etc.].
i) In simple language explain your talk: question?, method?, answer so far?.
or ii) If you are not giving a talk or poster, introducing yourself and what you are interested in learning.

c) Your poster/talk abstract. PDF. No more than 2 pages. Font size >= 10 pt. Not needed if you are not
giving a talk or abstract.

6) Upload the three files to this Dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/request/xmQuJ8N00fCjbwYXVdPm

Once you have done 1-6 above, please fill in the remaining info we need below.

Your "nametag" name and institution   (we'll make tag)
Your answer
Your full name, phone number, email address, birth year, sex and country of origin (needed for boat tickets, in case boat sinks, really).
Your answer
Are you a student or postdoc?
How much money did you pay us, and how?
Your answer
Who else is attending from your group? (all people should list all people)
Your answer
Bringing any non-meeting guests? Give names, email addresses, and rooming preferences (we'll deal with money by email). Also needed is sex, birth year, and nationality (in case the boat sinks).
Your answer
Has your work has garnered press attention in recent years? Please give URLs for us to use to impress the local population.
Your answer
Bringing a hardware demo, please give details.
Your answer
Any dietary restrictions? Describe.
Your answer
Room preferences? (preferred room mates? want a single room?) We'll deal with money by email.
Your answer
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