Parking Permit Application
I understand that my ability to park my vehicle at RSLA High School is a privilege that can be revoked if I disobey school, local, or state laws. By signing this contract, I agree that this will serve as the first and only warning I will receive for parking violations. To maintain my parking privileges, I understand and agree to all of the following:

All students are eligible to purchase parking permits. Students may not purchase a parking permit on behalf of another student. It is the student's responsibility to immediately report any lost or stolen parking sticker to the Main Office. A new permit may be issued if a student provides evidence that the previous one cannot be retrieved. A cost of $2 must be paid for the replacement. Student will be held responsible for any tickets on lost permit.

This permit does allow a vehicle to legally park in designated areas on campus. Student parking areas are located on the North side of the school in lot B. All parking on city streets are regulated by Herriman, South Jordan and Salt Lake county guidelines. No red curb parking.

Violation of this parking contract will result in one of four consequences: 1) A parking citation will be issued which will result in a $20.00 fine for each offense. If the fine is not paid within 15 calendar days, a $5.00 late fee may be assessed to each citation. Lost citations will not excuse one's obligation to pay the fine. 2) If outstanding fines are not paid, or 2 additional tickets are issued (paid or not) a vehicle will be immobilized {booted}, and a fee of $75.00 will be assessed in addition to the outstanding balance. Failure to respond within 24 hours, or multiple boots will result in the vehicle being towed at owner expense. 3} Vehicles may be towed at any time if a vehicle is parked in a restricted area - handicapped, visitor, staff parking or any areas marked for no parking {red or yellow curb}, parking in unlined areas (end of row) that impede traffic, etc. 4} Parking privileges may be revoked after 3 unpaid citations or other inappropriate driving behaviors, including any driving outside of designated roads on campus (i.e. over curbs or sidewalks).

All payments should be submitted to RSLA High School Main Office. Bring the citation with you to be cleared.

All parking stickers will have a number. Each number will be assigned to the vehicle and individual purchasing the permit. After purchase, the parking sticker must be applied to the outside lower right-hand corner of the back window (passenger’s side), and the number must be able to be seen. Do not park in any school parking lot until your issued sticker is appropriately attached to the registered vehicle. If the decal is improperly displayed, a citation may be issued. The sticker must be placed directly on the window, not taped or placed inside a plastic sleeve. It may not be moved from one vehicle to another for any reason or a citation will be issued.

It is illegal for any vehicle to contain illicit drugs, alcohol, or stolen property, etc. while parked on school property or during a school activity. Never, under any circumstances, should any type of weapon be in a vehicle while parked at RSLA High School or at a school related activity. Any student who violates this policy may be suspended and/or cited by a police officer and have their permit revoked.

School officials maintain jurisdiction over any vehicle while it is on school property. They reserve the right to search vehicles, under state and federal laws, and to seize illegal or inappropriate materials found in any vehicle.
In case of an emergency or other extenuating circumstances, the Main Office may issue a temporary parking permit. It will remain the student's responsibility to obtain a temporary permit if circumstances warrant it.
Temporary permits are only issued to students who have purchased a parking sticker and are limited in the number a student may receive.

Inappropriate stickers, decals, gang signs, or offensive language on the vehicle are not permitted and must be removed to park at RSLA High School, failure to remove offensive items on the vehicle will result in a citation and/or loss of parking permit.

Students are not to be in the vehicle during Academic Time. If you are found in your vehicle during Academic Time it will result in a citation and/or loss of parking permit.

DISCLAIMER: Neither RSLA High School nor the Board of Education assumes any responsibility for theft, lost articles, vandalism, accidents, personal or property damage while the permit vehicle or driver is on "RSLA High School" property.

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