Lettering Requirements 2018-2019
In order to receive a letter in choir, a student must earn at least 125 points from the scale below and be in choir for at least one full year. If the student accumulates 250 points, a letter and pin will be awarded. The student will be asked to tally their points by the end of the year, so please keep track throughout the year.

If the student has previously received a varsity letter, the student will receive a pin for every 125 points accumulated thereafter. Letters and pins will be awarded at the end of each school year, not when the point total has been reached.

**PREREQUISITES: Attend all concerts and have NO unexcused absences.
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Total Number of Points (tally from below) *
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Student earns A average per term* in Choir
Student earns B average per term* in Choir
Perfect Attendance in choir per term*
Serve as Choir Officer
Participate in Musical or its pit orchestra
Audition for All County Honor Choir
Audition for All State Choir
Participate in All County Honor Choir
Participate in All State Choir
Perform at CHSAA Solo / Ensemble Festival
Audition for Solo (in class) - tell me which solos - 1 point each
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Perform a solo in concert - tell me which solo- 10 points each
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Private lessons with director - 5 points each
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Participate in extra musical ensemble that meets regularly - proof is needed
Attend a live musical event - return signed program and critique for each
Participate in all choir fundraisers
Complete 15 minutes of service for choir (filing music, sorting, labeling, etc) - 5 pts each
Other vocal performance or student project - 10 pts (need director's approval)
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Other (including roll-over points)
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